The Lasting Results of My Kitchenware Bootcamp

We would all like to think that we have sparkling clean, fully organised kitchens, but the reality of it is they could use a fine-tuning. Last year, I was spurred on by a good friend to join her in what is called the Kitchen Cure. It is a four week program that I refer to as kitchen bootcamp, because the intent is to get things into shape. In the end you should have the proper saucepans, and be using them the way they were intended, while having narrowed down the group of three colanders you have acquired down to just one.

The intent is to get your kitchen “clean, healthy and organised”, and for me it did just that and made the process of cooking more fun. To participate, you need to commit to four assignments, given out over the course of four weeks. During those weeks I learned that our kitchens require attention similar to that of our bodies if we what them to be buff, and highly functioning. And while I would have admitted prior to the course that my kitchen could use some improving, I also secretly thought mine was head and shoulders above the majority of the population. Instead what I came to see was that it was deteriorating, and to my detriment I was becoming oblivious to the signs.

To give you an idea of how it worked, the first week’s assignment was to clean the refrigerator, freezer and kitchen cabinets/pantry. Since I do one of these every month or so, I imagined I would have it easier than some other people, but because of regularly doing it I also knew that each of those tasks would be time consuming. And it was, but the part I really gained from the most was where we were required to take before and after pictures. Sure, you feel amazing right after you overhaul the fridge, freezer and the place you store your dry goods, but that memory fades. The after picture has become a form of new found inspiration, and I have referred to it many a time since.  I would seriously advise doing this just for the sense of job satisfaction you get from it.

Of the four assignments I came away with the most from week three, when we were asked to restock our kitchenware. After all these years of cooking I felt moderately confident that I was working with a good collection of the basics. Yet, after making some headway by donating the duplicates of items I had, and taking a good look at what was left, I saw that while I love to bake, I did not have all the tools to make the experience complete. Luckily, this course also promotes you to reward your efforts by purchasing what it is that would make you cook more often, as long as you have space for it, and can honestly say you will regularly use it. I have gone forward and begun to serve baked goods I would never have tackled before, but now am comfortable preparing with my new implements. I think the best part is that thought the course ended the same assignments can be repeated to keep you on track.