Make Your Home Warmer For Winter and Save Money Too

My best friend from childhood and I still speak every Wednesday evening. Over the last few calls I have heard her mention how unbelievably cold she has found her large home to be this year. She followed up by indicating that she thought she might need to take action, as her bills were still sky high, and since her kids were away at school she was using less of the rooms regularly. This spurred me to investigate what she might do.

The suggestions were as follows. There is no reason to heat the whole house constantly. Lowering the heating just by 10 degrees for eight hours can lower your bill by ten percent. Yet, since she is in the house most of the day, she still needed a proper level of heat to keep her tootsies warm. Thus, buying a few space heaters will give her the additional level of warmth she will want during the day when the thermostats are turned down to conserve.

In addition, I have advised her to purchase a heat-lamp bulb for her bathroom. It screws into a regular light bulb and will warm the air of any chill. The additional cost of using it is minimal in contrast with that of the heater.