Rejuvenate a Room With the Colour of Your Choice

Individuals looking to make a quick change to the feel of a room can rely upon a new paint colour to do the hob. Not only can you transform a space from drab to fab in a matter of hours, you can take it from one extreme to another if that is what you seek […]

The Most Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

We all know that tile is a common material used in the design of kitchens and bathrooms, but not everyone knows which tiles are best, or why. Now, I should probably qualify that statement, as some people would think that appearance is what trumps all, or that price does, what I am using for this […]

The Benefits of Recycled Logs For the Fireplace

While I am not hear to tell you that you no longer need to clean out the fireplace¬† before you use it, I am going to rave about ready to light logs. It is still prudent to scrape out the ashes leftover from the last fire you made, or even better to remove them with […]

Make Your Home Warmer For Winter and Save Money Too

My best friend from childhood and I still speak every Wednesday evening. Over the last few calls I have heard her mention how unbelievably cold she has found her large home to be this year. She followed up by indicating that she thought she might need to take action, as her bills were still sky […]

Improve the Appearance of your Cleaning Products

If you are like a lot of folks, space is at a premium in your home, and storage is no exception. How quickly spaces underneath sinks become cluttered with cleaning products, and they create such an eyesore each time the doors are open. There is an option, which is of use whether you are eager […]

How to Make Water More Appealing

Every time we have a dinner party I like to have pitchers of water spruced up and at the ready. I have always been a huge fan of dressing up plain water, and making water look more appealing. Admittedly, spas have been inspiration, as their gentle naturally flavoured waters always look so inviting. But, I […]

Home insurance: can you afford it?

This is the question many homeowners are likely to be asking themselves at the moment. The economic situation is forcing many people with a range of financial commitments and obligations to find ways of reducing their monthly bills. Insurance policies are a popular target for this kind of belt-tightening, as they represent payments for things […]

The Lasting Results of My Kitchenware Bootcamp

We would all like to think that we have sparkling clean, fully organised kitchens, but the reality of it is they could use a fine-tuning. Last year, I was spurred on by a good friend to join her in what is called the Kitchen Cure. It is a four week program that I refer to […]

UK SIPPS Pension Rules Check Off All the Important Boxes

I do wish there were a quick fix to the economic woes we have been facing, and are bracing ourselves to continue experiencing. Saving money, planning responsibly for the future and a ton of other activities used to be more cut and dry for the workingman and woman. It seems like everything has gone topsy […]

The Great Debate Over Home Finances in 2011

As things stand now in the financial world we are told that more and more people are spending more time at home. We are foregoing the movie theatre and watching the television on our own couches, and we go for fewer meals out and as such recipe club memberships are skyrocketing as we prepare more […]