How to Make Water More Appealing

Every time we have a dinner party I like to have pitchers of water spruced up and at the ready. I have always been a huge fan of dressing up plain water, and making water look more appealing. Admittedly, spas have been inspiration, as their gentle naturally flavoured waters always look so inviting. But, I have become bored with my fall back versions and wanted to liven things up.

What I found was the following to make water more enticing and delicious. It is my go to healthy beverage when we entertain, citrus and rosemary water. All it requires are slices of lime, strips of lemon or orange zest (which ever is on hand or I have more of) and softly crushed sprigs of rosemary. The flavours need at least an hour to seep in well, and it is preferable that the water be refrigerated during that time. And if possible, this calls for a clear container, as the sight of the fresh zest and rosemary add so much to drawing in takers.